Skills Development

What is skills development in a South African context?

“The Skills Development Act seeks to empower the South African workforce with skills, ensure employees access more opportunities for skill acquisition; create space for the new entrants to the labour market to gain work experience, introduce transformative tools through training and education to redress unfair discrimination practises in the labour market against the disadvantaged groups. This Act emphasizes the provision and regulation of employment services to ensure its purposes are realised.”

The Skills Development Section of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) codes is broken into 5 categories of available actions and their affiliated points allocation. Our company provide clients with the choice of which categories they wish to undertake, building bespoke solutions around their needs, capacities and budget allocations.

What Is Bee?

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) or BBBEE as it is more technically known, was implemented as means to uplift previously disadvantaged groups in South Africa.

The Five Elements of Bee Also Include Skills Development

These are the five B-BBEE elements however, Ownership, Enterprise Development and Skills Development are considered the priority elements.

Ownership in relation to voting rights and economic interests within the enterprise.

Management Control
Effective control of an enterprise in relation to participation in top management positions.

Skills Development
Employee training and growth of skills.

Enterprise and Supplier Development
Assist qualifying enterprises development and sustainability.

Socio-Economic Development
Promote access to economy and income.

Additionally, should clients not want to lose any productivity of staff by allocating them to a Learnership Programme, there is an alternate option to sponsor staff within our group that will still allow them to achieve the same outcome from a BBBBEE perspective.

Our company believes in empowering staff in the workplace, by offering them training options to better themselves and your business. We agree that training your staff is a good move, as it means growth to their Skills Development and higher BEE score for your business.

How Does Bee Benefit Your Business Through Skills Development?

Having a high score on the BEE compliance ranking is more beneficial to your business in South Africa compared to having a prominent person as your CEO. It is crucial for South African businesses to adopt BEE to build a better skilled nation with people who have Skills Development for long term economic goals.

For each individual business being BEE compliant, help you grow and meet your business goals, providing reliability for the company and putting you a step ahead compared to your competitors. It also helps to develop lasting business relationships and it drives you to upskill your employees, which is fantastic for everyone.


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